Supercharged superhero


“Do you like superheroes with superhero powers?”





Supercharged Superhero is a moving and true story about one little girl and her super energetic, superhero Dad who’s battery suddenly and unexplainably becomes broken and will not fully recharge. The rhyming story and beautiful illustrations explains their journey through change, loss, grief, despair, acceptance, readjustment and hope as they come to terms with her father’s condition.


The story began in the summer of 2017, weeks after our second daughter was born. My husband Tom, a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, completed a gruelling 1000 mile bike ride from Lands End to John O’Groats in just five days. He returned from this ride filled with pride and a huge sense of achievement but we were soon to realise that something was terribly wrong...


Over a period of seven months, Tom became more and more fatigued to the point that he was practically bed bound, unable to do anything more than shower before his body ‘crashed’ into exhaustion and he would crawl back to bed for days on end. 


This was a very difficult time, not only because Tom was experiencing this sudden and harrowing change to his life but because our two girls, Georgia and Gracie were just 3 years and 7 months old. Georgia particularly found it difficult to deal with the loss of her fun and energetic Superhero Daddy and could not understand why he was unable to do all of the things they had once enjoyed. Bike rides in the park, family swims and ‘rough and tumble’ were all suddenly a distant memory. After seven months, I found that I could not keep telling Georgia that Daddy was poorly. She knew that straightforward illness should not last this long and she started to grow anxious and confused, often suggesting ways to make Tom better, including removing batteries from her toys to help give her Daddy energy.


It was heart-breaking. Georgia needed a new story and after struggling to find anything online that fit the bill, Supercharged Superhero was born!

This powerful story changed everything for our family and suddenly, although Tom was still struggling physically, Georgia was given the language and understanding to help her accept that things had changed and move forward with this new version of her Dad. Together, we have learned to have fun in different ways and slow down and appreciate the small things in life – which is never a bad thing!

Author: Gemma Everson
Genre: Children's
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback and Hardback
Length: 36



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